Confucius Classroom News

Chinese brush painting at Alderman White School

brush painting awOn Saturday 5th November, a range of students (from Year 7 at Alderman White, who are learning Mandarin to Y11 from both schools) together with staff, parents and families from the Nottingham Chinese School, attended a special workshop on the art of Chinese brush painting.

After his first lesson at the Bramcote College for our Year 12 students, Jiang Hongsheng, a renowned Chinese artist, was delighted to offer this second workshop to a wider audience. With Mr Jiang’s expert and inspirational tuition, the participants wasted no time in trying their hand at drawing a beautiful peony using the special Chinese paint and brushes.

The start is always a little difficult but after a while, dozens of peonies started to blossom on the Xuan paper. Pink, purple, red, peach, rose… all kinds of different colour petals appeared here and there. Many students were excited and eagerly showed their paintings to everyone, it was amazing to see how many had focused on the smallest details. The way in which everyone helped each other was a striking aspect of the workshop while Mr Jiang provided invaluable advice to everyone who wanted to improve and develop their technique.

At the end of the workshop, everyone had produced a work of art to be proud of ---- some of them even managed two! This is amazing when you consider it was the first time for most of them had used Chinese painting brush!

Chinese Brush Painting at Bramcote College

brush painting bcOn 2nd Nov. students in Year 12, who are learning Mandarin in preparation for next year’s planned trip to China, had the opportunity of learning the techniques of traditional Chinese brush painting. Although most students were not familiar with this painting technique, they had great fun trying it out and created some memorable art-work of their own. They did have expert tuition from Hongsheng Jiang, a renowned Chinese artist, who gave a live demonstration of how to draw peonies, using the brushes. The peony is the national flower of China, which symbolizes elegance, friendship and good fortune. Students were so impressed by the demonstration that they were eager to try out the new techniques.

By following these steps: petals first, then the leaves, the stalks and finally the stem, a fabulous peony took shape, blossoming on the paper before their very eyes. One of the students was heard to say: “That was amazing! I am a genius!” and indeed every student created his or her own Chinese ‘masterpiece’ and Mr Jiang chose the best three and rewarded them with one of his own artistic creations.

Confucius Classroom Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony
On 1st October, there was a grand ceremony held in the Hall of Alderman White School to celebrate the official opening of the Confucius Classroom at Alderman White School. Representatives from the Education Sector of Chinese Embassy, as well as local government, the University of Nottingham, the Nottingham Confucius Institute, the White Hills Park Federation and the Nottingham Chinese School were present at the ceremony. Around 200 people attended the ceremony including Students from Confucius Classroom and their families, teachers from Alderman White School and local families. The ceremony consisted of Chinese Culture Workshops, speeches and performances, ribbon-cutting ceremony, and drinks reception.

During the ceremony, a lot of people gave wonderful speeches to the audience, and expressed best wishes to Confucius Classroom at Alderman White School, including:

· Mr Feng Zhi from the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy

· Marion Clay from Nottinghamshire County Council

· Nick Miles OBE, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global Engagement and Advancement, University of Nottingham

· Paul Heery, Executive Headteacher of White Hills Park Federation

· Karsten Stephan, the Deputy Executive Head Teacher of Alderman White School and Head of the new Confucius Classroom

The audience also enjoyed the performances during the ceremony very much: Xinjiang dance, Alamuhan, performed by girls from Nottingham Chinese School Dancing Group was full of enthusiasm. A short drama The Giant Turnip all in Chinese was brilliant and everyone was impressed by their mandarin. Traditional Chinese music played by girls from Euphoria China Musician Group won prolonged applause. And Taiji performance The Flow which combined two traditional Chinese cultures calligraphy and Taiji perfectly, the performers’ movement resembling a white piece of paper unfolding on the stage as a drop of Chinese ink dances over it. That was fabulous! After that, people went to the drinks reception and enjoyed delicious Chinese food while talking to each other.

The ceremony was very successful and meaningful and it will be a good start of the development of Confucius Classroom at Alderman White School.

Chinese Culture Workshop on Open Evening

open dayThe Confucius Classroom made a big contribution to The Alderman White School and Bramcote College's Open Evenings on 27th and 29th September, by providing a Chinese culture workshop including calligraphy, Chinese opera, paper-cutting, paper-folding, Hulusi, Chinese costume, Chinese painting, etc. hundreds of pupils and parents came to the Chinese Culture Workshop and had a lot of fun.

One of the Mandarin teachers at the CCAWS, Yeli Beibei demonstrated how to make paper boats, birds and rabbits. When they made the craft successfully, they kept saying “Amazing!” “Fantastic!” Pupils and their parents all enjoyed it very much. Dandan Zhang, another Mandarin teacher showed how to do the calligraphy, pupils are excited to have a try and some of them really did a good job. Some pupils were happily to try on the Chinese costume and took the photos.

The workshops were warmly welcomed and highly recommended by the students and teachers of the schools involved.

German Exchange Students Learn Mandarin

exchange mandarinTwo teachers of CCAWS brought interesting Mandarin lessons to the German exchange students from Staedtisches Gymnasium on 21st Sep and 26th Sep.

Mrs Yeli introduced China with plenty of beautiful pictures. The students were really interested in the Great Wall and the Pandas. The teacher then showed how ancient Chinese people developed Chinese characters and how they pronounce four tones in Mandarin. The students got very curious and tried to read the tones together.

The teacher then taught the students how to introduce their names and nationality, how to count from 1-10 and how to find out their zodiac animal. After a lesson’s learning, the students managed to say “hello”, “my name is …”, “I come from …”, “My zodiac is …”, “thank you” and “goodbye” in Mandarin.

Mr Brayley, assistant Head-teacher of the Staedtisches Gymnasium expressed his highly interest towards the Mandarin lesson. He is very satisfied with the students’ learning performance and interested in providing similar chances for his students in German.

Chinese Culture at The Summer Fest

WorkshopThe Confucius Classroom made a major contribution to The Alderman White School's Summer Fest by providing a craft workshop, a Xinjiang dance performance as well as a Taichi demonstration. The craft workshop was provided by Huang Bing, one of the Mandarin teachers at the CCAWS. She demonstrated how to make paper vases, flowers, boats and birds. There was a lot of interest in the workshop from both students and parents. The Xinjiang dance performance was provided by The Nottingham Chinese School dance group. The red Xinjiang dresses worn by the young dancers the girls added a real splash of colour to the proceedings and their performance was rewarded with rapturous applause. There was also Taiji demonstration on the stage performed by the CCAWS Taiji group. The group has trained for almost a year and the members demonstrated Yang 24 and the Chen 18 routine which attracted much interest from a very appreciative audience.