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Using lesson plans and materials from this website, and with support from BBC staff and partners, teachers help students develop their journalistic skills to become School Reporters.

In March, schools take part in an annual News Day, simultaneously creating video, audio and text-based news reports, and publishing them on a school website, to which the BBC aims to link.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

By Freddie Thomas-Neher

(Mild plot spoilers)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the eighth instalment in the Star Wars franchise, and the second in Disney’s sequel trilogy. The story follows on from The Force Awakens (2015), with General Leia Organa’s (Carrie Fisher) Resistance desperately trying to escape extinction at the hands of the prospering First Order, while Rey (Daisy Ridley) faces the trying task of becoming a Jedi. John Boyega also reprises his role as Finn, alongside newcomer Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran) their quest to save the Resistance from its doom.

At the end of The Force Awakens, we see Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker finally discovered by Rey on the sacred island of Ahch-To, with the film ending on her offering him his father’s lightsaber. In The Last Jedi, director and writer Rian Johnson explores why Luke came to the island in the first place, telling the story of the destruction of Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order and what prompted his most promising yet conflicted apprentice Ben Solo to turn to the Dark Side. Hamill delivers a career-best performance as a broken and lost Skywalker, who is conflicted at the prospect of training Rey as a Jedi under the belief that the Jedi Order needs to come to an end.

       “Darkness rises, and light to meet it”

                          -Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis)

The man responsible for the end of Luke Skywalker’s Jedi, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) builds a telepathic relationship through the Force with Rey, where he becomes conflicted at his choice to turn to the Dark Side. In this film, he turns from an angry teenager to a brilliant bad guy, living up to his grandfather (Darth Vader) and his father (Han Solo)’s legacies. But before he can do that, he faces the task of winning back Supreme Leader Snoke’s trust, after losing it when Rey defeated and scarred him in a duel during the destruction of Starkiller Base. The concept of Ren’s appearances in The Last Jedi were fantastic, and it was conveyed even better by Adam Driver.

This time around, Rey is training with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, while also trying to persuade him to return to the Resistance and help them win the war with the First Order. Rey represents the strong female lead that the Star Wars universe traditionally has had, but more mysteries surround her character than others.

Rian Johnson is the latest Star Wars director to attempt at recreating the cantina on Tatooine, with him making a casino planet called Canto Bight, after J.J. Abrams attempt in The Force Awakens as Maz Kanata’s castle on Takodana.  Johnson was mainly successful, however Canto Bight looked a bit too Earth-y compared to basically everywhere else in Star Wars. There were a few unnecessary characters and scenes but except from that, it had a good aesthetic and worked for it’s purpose.

Rian Johnson is a madman to even consider making a film like this and he came up with some of the best ideas ever in Star Wars, like the salt planet Crait, where the colour scheme is so contrasting it perfectly fits the film’s general aesthetic. It also draws back comparisons to the original films, for example, Supreme Leader Snoke’s lair and guards both look similar to Darth Sidious’ lair and guards, but the concept is incredible and looks similar but only subtly to Sidious’ alternative. They constantly walk side by side

The newcomers in the film are also very well cast, and they pulled in some big names. Kell Marie Tran is not as well known as the rest of the cast, but her character fits her image perfectly, a maintenance worker that has had her life made a lot more interesting when she meets Resistance hero Finn and they embark on a quest to find a codebreaker that can crack The First Order’s shields and get them onto Snoke’s ship. They find Benicio del Toro’s DJ, a grungy criminal that helps Finn and Rose. Del Toro plays the erratic character well, despite his limited backgrounding. Perhaps the biggest name added was Golden Globe winner Laura Dern as Leia’s Vice Admiral Holdo. The character has a rivalry with Commander/Captain Poe Dameron due to their disagreements over how the rebellion can avoid the First Order, with Poe even mutinying against her. For some reason she has purple hair (??) to make her look mildly alien, but she is a good stepping stone for both Poe and Leia.

Much like its predecessor, TLJ had several cameo appearances from celebrities. They had Chewing Gum’s Michaela Cole, Rouge One director Gareth Edwards as a rebel soldier in the trenches of Crait, actor Ade Edmondson as a First Order officer, Gary Barlow (?) and Tom Hardy in a deleted scene.

A big worry for fans was the introduction of Porgs, the cute bird-like creatures that inhabit Acht-To, with people thinking that they would become the next Jar-Jar Binks’ or Ewoks. Luckily though, the Porgs don’t add much to the storyline and are just the right amount of cute to not be annoying.

A character that I was hoping to see more of in this film was Gwendoline Christie’s Captain Phasma, Finn’s former commanding officer who we were introduced to in the Force Awakens. A fight between her and Finn was teased in The Last Jedi’s trailers, and it does happen but is not as monumental as originally thought. Unfortunately, she was only given about three minutes of screen time, and was certainly not used well enough by J.J. Abrams or Rian Johnson.

To conclude, I think that this is one of the best Star Wars films ever, only beaten by Empire Strikes Back. It has an unusual way of conveying the plot, but is the perfect set-up for Episode IX, making the fight for the Resistance as bleak as possible, and makes people question whether they can make their way back, or at what cost?

Star Wars-Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is in cinemas now.


Bright - A Netflix Original

By Freddie Thomas-Neher

Bright is a story in an alternate reality, where elves, orcs and humans are all living in coexistence after defeating ‘The Dark Lord’ thousands of years ago. Elves are the higher class, living in Elftown and all they really do is go shopping., and look down on orcs and humans. Human live in-between of elves and orcs’ social standards, while orcs are heavy metal loving street thugs who look down on any orc that isn’t ‘blooded’ (a weird orc-y bar mitzvah thing). Orcs are disrespected constantly due to them taking the side of the Dark Lord during the war. It’s basically if Lord of the Rings was history. They also have only just got their first orc on the much-hated LA police force, Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton, The Great Gatsby), an unblooded orc who is partnered with the reluctant Daryl Ward (Will Smith, Suicide Squad). They are threatened when they find an elf girl, Tikka (Lucy Fry), in possession of a Shield of Light member’s Magic Wand. The Shield of Light are a group of mostly renegade elves and some humans who use magic to attempt to bring the Dark Lord back. The Magic wand is wanted over all three races with Ward and Jakoby having to keep it safe from gangsters, orcs, police officers, feds, and the Wand’s former owner, a dangerous elf named Leilah (Noomi Rapace, What Happened To Monday).

The concept is fantastic, and the makeup for the elves and the orcs are amazing, with the elves just looking slightly different from humans, and orcs

it is held back by a lazy script, with even Will Smith being reduced to a surly, pessimistic character that seemingly views orcs and elves just as stereotypically as everybody else in Bright. It even came from the writer of Chronicle, and the director of films like Suicide Squad and End of Watch, hitting a new low for both Max Landis and David Ayer. Although, it is a brilliant idea that pulls up the poor script. Even with the not-there character development, the performances of the actors are very good, especially Edgerton’s portrayal of an orc cast away from both the orc community and the human. For its newly announced sequel, David Ayer and his team definitely need to work on their scripting, backgrounding, and the length (it is nearly two hours long).

Overall, it is enjoyable in a ‘what the hey’ way, but is not the big hit Netflix will have hoped for, having dropped $90 million on the project, and won a bidding war for the rights to it. For their first major budget movie, it is subpar compared to previous achievements like Stranger Things or The Crown, and for this film to succeed, they need to look at what made them good and apply it into their films, because Netflix can be the future of cinema. Bright isn’t their future.

Video Games Hold a Career Choice for Players

By Aryas Shwan

There are games that entertain with set scenarios, then there are those that have players make them.

One of which is Roblox, a free-to-play game, where players can make their own game using the engine and the coding language Roblox Lua. The coding language is beginner friendly and helps new developers into the developing scene. Roblox also has the feature of DevEx or Developer Exchange, which allows players to exchange in-game currency from micro transactions into real money, and rates vary from 100,000 Robux to $350(£245.51) to 10 million Robux to $350,000(£245,511). Robux can be used to advertise games across the website. I asked some people at Alderman White School what they think.

Noah: “It’s good because teenagers and young adults can make enough to pay for their education fees while it is also helping them develop skills.”

Jack: “It’s both good and bad because they can get lots of money from it and it’s bad because they can get harassed by people after they quit the platform to work for them.”

Another way that children can earn money by playing video games is YouTube, where they can record their gameplay and their reactions and edit them to entertain people online. They earn money through advertisements on the website.

Trump is trying to “kill” Obamacare.

By Daniel Star

On Friday 13th October 2017, American President Donald Trump announced that he was trying to kill Obamacare, which is actually the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for the USA that aims to shrink the number of American citizens with health insurance and ensures every American citizen has access to good coverage.

He actually announced that his administration had stopped payments that lowered the health costs for American citizens with modest incomes. This has happened because of the American Senate failing twice, in months recent as of October 2017, to repeal the act. Without cost-sharing reduction, the American government gives to insurance companies, the companies are expected to raise their rates by another 12-15 percent by 2018 for the individual market. This will mean that another 1 million American citizens would be left without insurance.

Here are some quotes from our Year 8s on the matter:

“He should stop being a looney and knock some sense into him.”

“I think Obamacare is good as we [UK citizens] have free healthcare and it works out fine for us.”

Before the American ACA existed, according to The Charlotte Observer, the costs for healthcare were “skyrocketing” and “insurance plans seemed to be covering less and less”, which caused many Americans to want the healthcare to have an overhaul and be very scared about changing jobs. It is also notable that Obamacare lowered prescription drug costs for some Americans and put “an end to annual and lifetime limits on coverage.”

According to Bangor Daily News, the Trump administration cut spending for programs which encourage people to enrol in ACA (which stands for Affordable Care Act) plans by 90 percent. According to The New York Times, the combined effect of stopping the insurance payments and an executive order signed by Donald Trump will destabilize the ACA’s individual market which will tempt younger and healthier people to buy a short-term policy with low premiums. It also says that the insurance companies will either increase premiums tremendously or withdraw completely from sparsely populated counties.

Site links:

Wolf escapes as wind blows down fences in Berkshire.


After a night of extreme weather a fence is blown down in Berkshire and a wolf has escaped! Children in the area have been warned that the wolf is very dangerous and not to approach it. The authorities are planning to capture not kill the wolf and they have already shot it with a tracker dart and have a helicopter observing it. The wolf is thought to have escaped at 8:00 GMT from the wolf conservation trust in Berkshire. It has been spotted in various locations and the police had to protect some school children just half an hour after the wolfs escape. The hunt is still on going.


A text sent out to warn residents of Berkshire.


By Annika Winzer and Laura Eyres

Rhino poaching has increased over the past 5 years - in 2014, one rhino was killed every eight hours in South Africa. Rhinos are killed for their horns, which are made out of ivory, the horns are then sold as “medicine” as many people believe it can cure them, and they pay a lot of money for it. At this rate, rhinos will be extinct by 2020.

There are 5 types of rhinos alive today: black rhino, white rhino, greater one-horned rhino, javan rhino and the Sumatran rhino. There is also the woolly rhino, which became extinct in the ice age.

Most rhinos species are either vulnerable, critically endangered or near threatened. The most endangered rhino species is probably the javan rhino, which is considered to be one of the most endangered mammals in the world, with only 60-63 rhinos alive in the wild. Every type of rhino is threatened in some way, with the number of rhinos poached for their horns increasing.

On the verge of extinction the Sudan two female rhinos (Fatu and Najin) are two of the last three northern white rhinos left in the world. In Indonesia, the populations of Sumatran rhinos are extremely low and are listed as “Critically Endangered”. There are now only around 100 Sumatran rhinos left in the wild, and efforts are now being invested in an attempt to boost.

Rhinos are one of the most critically endangered mammals and most are on the brink of extinction. If rhinos were to become extinct it wold be one of the saddest events ever. Many people are trying to help save rhinos from extinction, by enabling people to adopt rhinos, and building reserves were they are safe.

Hopefully,we will be able to prevent rhinos from going extinct.


“Out with the pale, stale and male!”

By Jack Alexander

Theresa may, the British prime minster, has just announced that she is having a switch up of her cabinet. A cabinet is made up of the most important members of a government. In May`s cabinet there is the foreign secretary, Chancellor, Brexit secretary and so on. Most of her important members, some listed above, stayed in jobs. They were Amber Rudd (Home secretary), Boris Johnson (Foreign secretary), Phillip Hammond (Chancellor).

But why did Mrs May decide to do this? Earlier on in the week, she announced “Out with the male, pale and stale” members of her cabinet. After the re-shuffle, only six politicians were out; Sir Patrick McLoughlin, Andrew Jones, Justine Greening, James Brokenshire, Chris Skidmore and Marcus Jones. Justine Greening didn’t receive the `out` notice but in fact she received another job but she declined and resigned, after wanting to be `Education Minister`. But twenty-nine politicians either had no change or received a new job.

By saying, “Out with the male, pale and stale” Mrs May means out with the all male cabinet,  by introducing more women, and  the pale cabinet, by introducing mixed skin coloured MPs and finally a stale cabinet, by introducing more MPs with new ideas and aren’t stuck in their ways. Most of the MPs have reacted quite well with the changes, whether good or bad. Jeremy Hunt (Heath Secretary) has reacted both good and bad to this re-shuffle. Many rumours started going around and he posted this on `Twitter`:

'Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated...' Thrilled to be back in the best job in Government.

Thus, indicating that the rumours about his sacking were false and he was happy with the recent news.

So far, we have no news on our local politicians, Anna Soubry and Alex Norris, on whether they will be in, out or have a job switch around. But it is predicted that they will see no change to their jobs. They will be staying as our local MPs. But what will come out of the re-shuffle. But will the “U-turners” (as said by the Labour Party), U-turn?

Roblox 'Report' Problem

By Jack Alexander

Roblox is a very popular game, played by both children and teenagers. In fact, in Europe 14.6 million people have an account. But recently online safety has been a hot topic in the news. Roblox hasn’t really been helping stop cyber-bullying. There is a button that player can press that’s labelled `Report`, but no action is taken.

Prince Harry visited Nottingham not long ago and he was talking to people about cyber-bullying but if no one is being caught how can it be stopped. As you see below, it says `report` and this is what a player does to report someone:

This is the report section, and this is what you do: 


Once you have completed your report it says “Thanks for reporting! Our moderators will review the chat logs and evaluate what happened”. You may be foundering how do you know no action was taken. Well, once someone was reported and they were not removed from the game and no action was taken. Usually, Roblox is a safe and secure place to play but there is an exception. The games are no too violent or bloody but if the controlling of online activity was better. Roblox would be very safe for every child playing. But will anything change??

We emailed Roblox but no reply was received. 

Greece Swamped By Flood

By Jack Alexander

Greece flood

A deadly, dangerous, and strong series of flash flooding has swamped the country of Greece, in Southern Europe. The flooding has caused the most damage in the Centre of Greece. The three hardest hit areas, were Mandra, Nea Peramos and Mergara. Many rescue teams are searching for the missing and the number of dead has risen to over 15 people. Lots of damage has been recorded but a few roads have reopened in other areas, like Athens. But a handful of public services have remained closed.

The bad weather has been raging on for two days now (Wednesday 15th – Thursday 16th November) but the water stations say it should be back to normal by Monday 20th November. Greece`s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras has spoken about the national mourning over these `Disastrous Floods`. Alexis Tsipras has also announced that aid will be sent to the victims of this terrible event. The floods were so disastrous as the water level rose to a life-threatening state and homes were destroyed. Many people have been left homeless and wondering when they`ll receive their aid.

An on-looker videoed the events as they unfolded. They caught images of lorries grounded in the fast-flowing water and debris being washed down streets and motorways. After an intense amount of rain, a flash flood appeared. It had been raining heavily, on an average of 60%.  Hopefully, it will all be back normal by Monday 20th November.



Nottingham Station Fire - Started Deliberately

By Jack Alexander

Nottingham Station

A tweeted picture from Nottingham Fire and Rescue

The fire that burned for almost 12 hours at Nottingham Railway station is said to have been started deliberately, arson. The fire broke out at around 6:30am GMT on Saturday 13th December 2018. It was finally put out, almost 12 hours later, at 5:50pm GMT.

The fire cancelled many trains and other services. Thus meaning, many of the public, on their way to work, were affected. As well as the trains, roads and bus services were closed and re-routed. It took many hours for the fire service to take control of the fire. But when the police were allowed in, they found that the fire started in a female toilet. All in all, sixty firefighters from a total of eight stations, helped tackle the blaze. But it is said that the fire, in question, was started deliberately, or arson. But to add to this, the station had just been renovated and it had cost a substantial amount of £50 million. 

The fire also featured on the national news, BBC News at 6. Thankfully, no one was killed or injured in the fire. We asked a couple of students and teachers and they said:

Aryas Shwan: “I think it was awful and if it was started deliberately, the starter should be caught.”

Noah Bacon: “Well, this is a bad event and there will be a huge cost involved that could've gone into other things.”

If you know anything about this awful event, then…

Call: 0800 40 50 40


Text: 61016


What Brexit Means For You (Part 1)

By Jack Alexander, Edited by Daniel Star

Brexit will affect nearly everyone, from UK citizens to EU nationals. And to make sure everyone gets the best deal possible, there is lots of debating, from Northern Ireland`s border to the `Divorce Bill`. But what will Brexit mean for you? We emailed our head teacher, Mrs Caley, on her thoughts and feeling on how Brexit will effect education. You can watch the clip on the Alderman White BBC School Report page:

EU and UK nationals:
Anyone one who was born in the UK and lives in Europe or the other way around, faces some uncertainty of going back to their birth place. But the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has said that no EU national will be forced to leave the UK. Michael Barnier (the chief negotiator) and the EU have not announced anything on this issue. This is because their debating schedule has been filled up with debates on the Northern Ireland border. If you would like to find out more, visit:

Schools and Education:
At the last count, there were 120,000 EU students in the UK. This means that makes a huge £3 billion for the UK`s economy and nearly 20,000 jobs. But if we leave the EU, this may change and the amount of money heading to the economy will decrease. The EU also sends quite substantial amounts of money to the UK, which goes to things like Swansea University. But the UK sends an amount that is higher than the amount sent back, so this means the UK is out of pocket. If you want to find out more, visit:

The UK and the EU trade with each other quite frequently. So, if we leave the EU, trade will be quite tricky and maybe a little awkward. But once the UK has left, America and Donald Trump (the president) have said that they will do a snap trade deal. Anyone who works in the trade industry may face some uncertainty of where they trade. If the EU doesn`t want to trade with the UK, then our trade partners will go down and thus meaning money loss. But if the EU says ‘No’ then we can send items to places like America and maybe even charge a higher price, so we can claw back some of the money sent to the EU. If you want to find out more, visit:

What do you think? Will the EU say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to trade?

Anna Soubry Interview

Anna Soubry is a popular Conservative figure in the area of Broxtowe. She has been a politician for 7 years. For all of those 7 years, she has been standing up for Conservatives and Broxtowe. So we thought that it was only fitting, that we interview her. This is what she had to say:

Q1. What is your policy on fox hunting and why do you uphold it?

I believe the current law which bans the hunting of foxes with dogs, should not be changed. I don't think this is a big issue in Broxtowe as I believe most people in the constituency agree that the current law is working and should not be changed and I agree with them.

Q2. Your main opponent was born, raised and lives in Beeston so surely he should have the districts vote, what do you think about this?

I think you should vote for the person who would best represent your views and work hard for you. If we follow your logic someone born in France or Somalia would not be able to become a Member of Parliament. I think it's interesting to know where someone is from but I'm more interested in where they are going and what they believe in. I was born in a hospital in Lincoln where my mum worked; we were living in Dunham on Trent in North Notts. When I was 8 we moved to Clumber Park just outside Worksop and I lived there until I went to University (Birmingham). I then lived in Scotland for about four years until returning to Nottingham where I lived for over 25 years. It's quite unusual for someone to live in one place all their lives. Jeremy Corbyn was born in Chippenham, Wiltshire but that doesn't stop him being the MP for Islington. I consider myself a Nottinghamshire person (like my mother, grandmother and generations before them both) through and through and I am very proud of my roots in our County.

Q3.  What are your views on Trump and Kim Jong-un?

Kim Jong-un is a despot who keeps his people in servitude and poverty through repression and fear. I am struggling to think if there is anything redeeming about Donald Trump. I find his views on women and Muslims in particular deeply offensive and plain wrong. It saddens me he beat Hillary Clinton in last year's elections. I hope he goes, though I'm not convinced his Vice President (Pence) has better views or policies and unlike our Prime Minister, if Trump was impeached his deputy would replace him.

Q4.  You have been MP under two conservative prime ministers which of them do you favour the most and why?

I was proud to be in the same party as David Cameron when he was our leader and then Prime Minister. Cameron was socially liberal (same sex - equal marriage was one of our best achievements) and economically responsible. In 2010, we inherited an economy from Labour which was on the verge of going bust. We had to take some tough decisions but we have done much to repair the damage and make us economically stronger. With the benefit of hindsight, we should not have held the EU Referendum and I am very sad we are going to leave the European Union. I don't know Theresa May but I do know what she said on the steps of Downing Street after she became Prime Minister. I agree with her views on social justice, fairness and creating a strong economy. I was disappointed in her approach to Brexit and believe she badly lost her way on that issue and some other important matters.

Q5. If you were in charge of the Brexit negotiations what would you do differently?

I would immediately set up a cross party committee to determine what we want by way of a transitional agreement and final economic deal. At the moment we get a lot of nonsense about "no deal is better than a bad deal" and I think we should have a proper debate in our country and in Parliament about what sort of Brexit we want and need. I'm pleased the Conservative Government and Labour Party are coming round to many of the arguments I've been advancing for the last 18 months. I made it clear to voters in Broxtowe in June that if I was re- elected I would continue to support the Single Market, Customs Union and make the positive case for immigration. There is a third option to " deal or no deal" and it's a Norway type agreement. Let's get it - stop the arguing, support business and get on with the big domestic issues we face.

Read more ...

Greg Marshall Interview

Greg Marshall is a popular labour figure in the area of Broxtowe. He has been a politician for 6 years. And for all of those 6 years, he has been standing up for Labour and Broxtowe. So we thought that it was only fitting, that we interview him. This is what he had to say:

Q1: You were born, raised and you lives in Beeston. Do you think that gives you the edge over your opponents?

Being local isn't the only thing that matters in an election but it helps. If it is assumed that you can have strong principles and policy positions on a range of issues and the issues of the day, then being local ads that little bit extra. It says to people that the issues that matter to them also matter to you - e.g. I have a vested interest in campaigning and representing the people of Broxtowe because I'm from here, lived here all my life and have chosen to make my home here with my family - what matters to you . . . automatically matters to me.

Q2: Your main opponent has strong views on fox hunting. What do you think on this issue?

I'm absolutely opposed to fox hunting. It is barbaric and has no place in a modern civilised society.

Q3: What is your main strategy to become and MP, next election?

If I'm selected by the Labour Party to represent Broxtowe at the next election, my strategy will focus on two main things;

a) Creating an inclusive, outward facing and engaging campaign which demonstrates to the electorate that I am ready to meet and listen to all across the constituency on the issues that matter to them. I also want any campaign to involve campaign actions on key issues around housing, education, job security, the environment and the economy. b) The second strand will be to expose the voting record of Anna Soubry and how her actions (despite her words) let down the people of Broxtowe.

 Q4: What are your views on Trump and Kim Jong-un?

Trump in my view has been a significant problem in creating a polarisation of politics in the USA and indeed exported to other parts of world which has allowed a dangerous rise of far right politics and rhetoric. This protectionist and isolationist approach is counter to my internationalist principles. Kim Jong-un of course is an oppressive dictator and there are significant problems with the regime. He is though standing up to imperial aggression. My view is that they are both treading a dangerous path - any conflict would have massive regional and geo-political connotations and should be avoided at all costs.

Q5: If you were an MP and you were in charge of Brexit, what would you do differently?

I would never have allowed such a complex issue to be decided by a binary YES/NO or IN/OUT decision as we are seeing, the issues are far more complex than that. My view is that we should be securing a Brexit that protects our economy, gives rights to foreign citizens and allows for free movement, protects workers’ rights and enshrines environmental standards into UK law. This differs to the lowest common denominator, zero hour, non-unionised, tax haven Brexit that the Tories want.

Q6: If you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

Principled, Honest, Loyal

Q7: If I were a Conservative supporter, what would you say to me to change my views?

I'd say you've had nearly 8 years to make things better and you've failed. The economy, debt and borrowing are at their highest levels ever and the housing crisis, jobs market and standard of living is getting worse. Only Labour can offer the hope this country needs by delivering a brilliantly received manifesto that invests and values our young people, treats our elderly with dignity, is creating solutions to grow business and the economy and wants to work with our neighbours and international friends to create a safer and fairer world.

NET Trams: Problem or Solution?

By Jack Alexander, Edited by Isobel Richards

tramNET Trams are responsible for the running and maintenance of the Nottinghamshire trams. Recently, there has been quite a few incidents with the trams. In this report, there will be both sides of the arguments, are they a problem or are they a solution? We contacted NET Trams for their thoughts and feelings on the issues with Trams, what they were doing to resolve them and their reviews. It took 10 days for a reply (19th – 29th July 2017) and they said “Net Trams will not answer any questions about our service at this moment of time. If you want to find the answers to your questions, then visit our website:”. 


Their Problem.

Derailments and  over-head line malfunctions  are a couple of the problems experienced by NET Trams

Read more ...

Cuphead – A modern masterpiece

71lvFPTV8WL. SL1500 Article By Aryas Shwan

Cuphead is a modern masterpiece of the run and gun genre (or Shmup), it is beautifully drawn, and the gameplay is challenging to keep you tied in.

Each and every single frame is drawn by a worker and not a machine, over the course of a couple of years. Workers have said they worked from 13-14 on Cuphead’s animation. Though the team expected 14,000 to 15,000 frames of animation, they ended up with 50,000! That means 50,000 separate drawings!

The game is incredibly challenging as it causes you to try to learn every single attack that a boss has, thus taking hours to try and beat a boss.
In my experience, I have only played a small amount of the game, which was challenging, and consisted of me fighting a boss that had 2 stages first acting as if it’s dead and then attacking you, the attack is nearly unmissable and is incredibly hard to evade.

The game is targeted to everyone and that is the current demographic that plays it.

The Federation and The Voice: Lia White

On 11th February 2017 Bramcote Collage’s very own Lia White went live on ITV’s The Voice.

Lia White is a 17-year-old singer who attends Bramcote Collage in Nottingham. She may be a singer, but is she an upcoming pop star now? She went live on The Voice’s blind auditions and had 2 coaches make a turn. She now takes a place on Team Will, as his pitch beat off fellow veteran coach Sir Tom Jones. She was immediately offered an opportunity to appear on Nation-wide news show, This Morning.

Is fame just around the corner then, for our very own Lia White?


The New GCSE Grading System

The new GCSE grading system for England and Wales that has been introduced is creating mixed feelings among parents, teachers and students; however there are students that are confused and worried about it.

The new GCSE grading system, as set by the DfE (Department of Education) changes the grades from A*- F to 9-1, but only for Maths and English for the 2017 exams. In 2019, most other subjects will have changed to this new grading system as well, but many students and adults feel like having different subjects having different grades is too confusing. Some students already feel worried about SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels, but with the introduction of the new GCSE grading system, students are becoming even more confused and feel like the changes have been useless. They have been introduced to make GCSEs more challenging and to also address areas that have been failing. These have been changed by the entire study programme and exam formats.

One Year 11 student has reported:

“I think it’s pointless as nobody knows how it works or what the equivalents are. The first year is complicated as both students and teachers are confused.”

Another Year 11 has also reported:

“It’s really confusing” as it’s difficult to understand.

All UK Year 11 students will have to deal with this change, as well as course work being removed. Students are even more confused by the conversion rate not being 100% accurate, which, according to Laura McInerney, was a deliberate design choice by the government.

As a result of feeling more nervous, students have even been reported to break down in class and cry in the toilets (according to The Mirror). Another result is that students work too hard from stress and exhaust themselves with revision, as well as the new GCSE content being more challenging, which has put pressure on many students. 

Author: Daniel Star
Editors: Daniel Star & Mrs Kidd