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schoolreportThe Rugby six nations is back once again and there is lots of action. There are six countries taking part of in the rugby, they`re: England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy and France. The Rugby Six Nations is a big competition that they take part in and show off their rugby skills. The Rugby Six Nations dates back 140 years. All six teams take it in turns to play one another (this means there will be 15 matches.)

Many matches have already taken place and here are the results: 

Scotland (27) vs Ireland (22)

England (19) vs France (16)

Wales (33) vs Italy (7)

Ireland (63) vs Italy (10)

England (21) vs Wales (16)

France (22) vs Scotland (16)

Scotland (29) vs Wales (13)

Ireland (19) vs France (9)

England (36) vs Italy (15)

Wales (22) vs Ireland (9)

France (40) vs Italy (18)

England (61) vs Scotland (21)

These are all of the matches that have been played and there are still three more to come. When a team wins a match, they receive 4 points, 2 points for a draw and 0 points if they lose. If a team score four or more tries they also receive a bonus point.

But the 18th of March is the day when the whole competition comes to end. Here are the matches to come:

Scotland vs Italy 12:30pm

France vs Wales 15:45pm

England vs Ireland 17:00pm

England have already retained the Six Nations trophy, but a win over Ireland on Saturday would see them take the Grand Slam AND set a new World Record for test match wins, a record they currently share with New Zeland.

You can watch the final rugby six nations matches (live) on BBC One at 12:00pm and you can listen to it on the BBC Radio at the same time.