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At Alderman White School, a trend of Pokémon cards started when a year 7 called James started bringing them in. Then more and more people in year 7 started bringing in Pokémon like Pikachu EXs and powerful EX tins. This trend was sparked by the release of Pokémon Go last summer which allowed younger generations to catch Pokémon in the real world.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) started in 1996 and is still going today.  Now, more and more Pokémon cards are being released for the new Pokémon Sun and Moon video game, where you catch Pokémon in the Alola Region on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS. We meet the new bad guys Team Skull as well as a surprise nemesis.

The new Pokémon cards on sale alongside the video game Sun and Moon are even at sale for £3.99 at Chimera in Beeston. A Pokémon club is also held there where you can battle other people who collect Pokémon cards and trade your cards with others.

Daniel from year 7 said “My opinion on the Pokémon Trading Card Game is that it is a fun game that is good because it isn't on a gaming device, which means it doesn't use electricity and won't produce blue light.”