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By Jack Alexander, Edited by Isobel Richards

tramNET Trams are responsible for the running and maintenance of the Nottinghamshire trams. Recently, there has been quite a few incidents with the trams. In this report, there will be both sides of the arguments, are they a problem or are they a solution? We contacted NET Trams for their thoughts and feelings on the issues with Trams, what they were doing to resolve them and their reviews. It took 10 days for a reply (19th – 29th July 2017) and they said “Net Trams will not answer any questions about our service at this moment of time. If you want to find the answers to your questions, then visit our website:”. 


Their Problem.

Derailments and  over-head line malfunctions  are a couple of the problems experienced by NET Trams


There was a derailment on the ‘David Clarke’ tram on May 25th, 2017 at Old Market Square (Nottingham). After this incident, NET Trams published this statement: “One of our trams has been stopped in Old Market Square after wheels on its rear bogie disengaged from a section of the track whilst it was preforming a low speed turn back manoeuvre. Thankfully, no passengers were on board at the time.” Recently, there has been some over-head line malfunctions thus causing huge delays, this is also said by dissatisfied customers on the NET Trams Twitter page. As well as delays caused by over-head damages, there has been route problems, not stopping at planned stops. This has been annoying and disruptive to many customers; to continue their route, some passengers have had to find alternative travel arrangements. But, are NET prepared to reimburse their unhappy passengers? 

Their Solution.

Trams provide a quick and easy way to get around and have a range of stops.are a couple of the advantages thanks to NET Trams.

NET provide Nottinghamshire with a great service, this service allows a passenger to travel up the lines, from Toton Lane to Hucknall or Clifton South to Phoenix Park. The trams are quick and the tickets are cheap. A one-way ticket on one of NCT’s (Nottingham City Transport) buses costs: £1.10 (child) and two- way tickets cost: £2.20 (adult). A tram stops at 34 stops (Toton Lane – Hucknall and 27 stops (Clifton South –Phoenix Park). With an NCT bus offering a route of 48 stops (Angel Row – Blandford Road). The tram has also made the QMC the only hospital in the U.K. to have a tram service leading up to the door. 

After a few problems and delays, Net published this: “Nottingham Express Transport is committed to providing a quality service to its customers and workers. We are sorry for the delays that have been caused.” But are the Trams under rated? 

It is obvious that the trams divide people’s opinions, for example: 

(All the reviews below are courtesy of TripAdvisor.)

“Best way to get around Nottingham!” Auntie-Bogus 

“Reliable and frequent!” Goldeneye64 

“Unreliable when getting to work!” Nathanael Y 

 “Awful tram system!” Ann C 

If you are unsure and want more information:

Call: 0115 942 7777 Webpage:  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Shop: Wilkinson Street, Nottingham, NG7 7NW