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71lvFPTV8WL. SL1500 Article By Aryas Shwan

Cuphead is a modern masterpiece of the run and gun genre (or Shmup), it is beautifully drawn, and the gameplay is challenging to keep you tied in.

Each and every single frame is drawn by a worker and not a machine, over the course of a couple of years. Workers have said they worked from 13-14 on Cuphead’s animation. Though the team expected 14,000 to 15,000 frames of animation, they ended up with 50,000! That means 50,000 separate drawings!

The game is incredibly challenging as it causes you to try to learn every single attack that a boss has, thus taking hours to try and beat a boss.
In my experience, I have only played a small amount of the game, which was challenging, and consisted of me fighting a boss that had 2 stages first acting as if it’s dead and then attacking you, the attack is nearly unmissable and is incredibly hard to evade.

The game is targeted to everyone and that is the current demographic that plays it.