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Greg Marshall is a popular labour figure in the area of Broxtowe. He has been a politician for 6 years. And for all of those 6 years, he has been standing up for Labour and Broxtowe. So we thought that it was only fitting, that we interview him. This is what he had to say:

Q1: You were born, raised and you lives in Beeston. Do you think that gives you the edge over your opponents?

Being local isn't the only thing that matters in an election but it helps. If it is assumed that you can have strong principles and policy positions on a range of issues and the issues of the day, then being local ads that little bit extra. It says to people that the issues that matter to them also matter to you - e.g. I have a vested interest in campaigning and representing the people of Broxtowe because I'm from here, lived here all my life and have chosen to make my home here with my family - what matters to you . . . automatically matters to me.

Q2: Your main opponent has strong views on fox hunting. What do you think on this issue?

I'm absolutely opposed to fox hunting. It is barbaric and has no place in a modern civilised society.

Q3: What is your main strategy to become and MP, next election?

If I'm selected by the Labour Party to represent Broxtowe at the next election, my strategy will focus on two main things;

a) Creating an inclusive, outward facing and engaging campaign which demonstrates to the electorate that I am ready to meet and listen to all across the constituency on the issues that matter to them. I also want any campaign to involve campaign actions on key issues around housing, education, job security, the environment and the economy. b) The second strand will be to expose the voting record of Anna Soubry and how her actions (despite her words) let down the people of Broxtowe.

 Q4: What are your views on Trump and Kim Jong-un?

Trump in my view has been a significant problem in creating a polarisation of politics in the USA and indeed exported to other parts of world which has allowed a dangerous rise of far right politics and rhetoric. This protectionist and isolationist approach is counter to my internationalist principles. Kim Jong-un of course is an oppressive dictator and there are significant problems with the regime. He is though standing up to imperial aggression. My view is that they are both treading a dangerous path - any conflict would have massive regional and geo-political connotations and should be avoided at all costs.

Q5: If you were an MP and you were in charge of Brexit, what would you do differently?

I would never have allowed such a complex issue to be decided by a binary YES/NO or IN/OUT decision as we are seeing, the issues are far more complex than that. My view is that we should be securing a Brexit that protects our economy, gives rights to foreign citizens and allows for free movement, protects workers’ rights and enshrines environmental standards into UK law. This differs to the lowest common denominator, zero hour, non-unionised, tax haven Brexit that the Tories want.

Q6: If you had to describe yourself in 3 words what would they be?

Principled, Honest, Loyal

Q7: If I were a Conservative supporter, what would you say to me to change my views?

I'd say you've had nearly 8 years to make things better and you've failed. The economy, debt and borrowing are at their highest levels ever and the housing crisis, jobs market and standard of living is getting worse. Only Labour can offer the hope this country needs by delivering a brilliantly received manifesto that invests and values our young people, treats our elderly with dignity, is creating solutions to grow business and the economy and wants to work with our neighbours and international friends to create a safer and fairer world.