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By Jack Alexander, Edited by Daniel Star

Brexit will affect nearly everyone, from UK citizens to EU nationals. And to make sure everyone gets the best deal possible, there is lots of debating, from Northern Ireland`s border to the `Divorce Bill`. But what will Brexit mean for you? We emailed our head teacher, Mrs Caley, on her thoughts and feeling on how Brexit will effect education. You can watch the clip on the Alderman White BBC School Report page:

EU and UK nationals:
Anyone one who was born in the UK and lives in Europe or the other way around, faces some uncertainty of going back to their birth place. But the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May has said that no EU national will be forced to leave the UK. Michael Barnier (the chief negotiator) and the EU have not announced anything on this issue. This is because their debating schedule has been filled up with debates on the Northern Ireland border. If you would like to find out more, visit:

Schools and Education:
At the last count, there were 120,000 EU students in the UK. This means that makes a huge £3 billion for the UK`s economy and nearly 20,000 jobs. But if we leave the EU, this may change and the amount of money heading to the economy will decrease. The EU also sends quite substantial amounts of money to the UK, which goes to things like Swansea University. But the UK sends an amount that is higher than the amount sent back, so this means the UK is out of pocket. If you want to find out more, visit:

The UK and the EU trade with each other quite frequently. So, if we leave the EU, trade will be quite tricky and maybe a little awkward. But once the UK has left, America and Donald Trump (the president) have said that they will do a snap trade deal. Anyone who works in the trade industry may face some uncertainty of where they trade. If the EU doesn`t want to trade with the UK, then our trade partners will go down and thus meaning money loss. But if the EU says ‘No’ then we can send items to places like America and maybe even charge a higher price, so we can claw back some of the money sent to the EU. If you want to find out more, visit:

What do you think? Will the EU say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to trade?