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By Jack Alexander

Nottingham Station

A tweeted picture from Nottingham Fire and Rescue

The fire that burned for almost 12 hours at Nottingham Railway station is said to have been started deliberately, arson. The fire broke out at around 6:30am GMT on Saturday 13th December 2018. It was finally put out, almost 12 hours later, at 5:50pm GMT.

The fire cancelled many trains and other services. Thus meaning, many of the public, on their way to work, were affected. As well as the trains, roads and bus services were closed and re-routed. It took many hours for the fire service to take control of the fire. But when the police were allowed in, they found that the fire started in a female toilet. All in all, sixty firefighters from a total of eight stations, helped tackle the blaze. But it is said that the fire, in question, was started deliberately, or arson. But to add to this, the station had just been renovated and it had cost a substantial amount of £50 million. 

The fire also featured on the national news, BBC News at 6. Thankfully, no one was killed or injured in the fire. We asked a couple of students and teachers and they said:

Aryas Shwan: “I think it was awful and if it was started deliberately, the starter should be caught.”

Noah Bacon: “Well, this is a bad event and there will be a huge cost involved that could've gone into other things.”

If you know anything about this awful event, then…

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