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By Jack Alexander

Greece flood

A deadly, dangerous, and strong series of flash flooding has swamped the country of Greece, in Southern Europe. The flooding has caused the most damage in the Centre of Greece. The three hardest hit areas, were Mandra, Nea Peramos and Mergara. Many rescue teams are searching for the missing and the number of dead has risen to over 15 people. Lots of damage has been recorded but a few roads have reopened in other areas, like Athens. But a handful of public services have remained closed.

The bad weather has been raging on for two days now (Wednesday 15th – Thursday 16th November) but the water stations say it should be back to normal by Monday 20th November. Greece`s prime minister, Alexis Tsipras has spoken about the national mourning over these `Disastrous Floods`. Alexis Tsipras has also announced that aid will be sent to the victims of this terrible event. The floods were so disastrous as the water level rose to a life-threatening state and homes were destroyed. Many people have been left homeless and wondering when they`ll receive their aid.

An on-looker videoed the events as they unfolded. They caught images of lorries grounded in the fast-flowing water and debris being washed down streets and motorways. After an intense amount of rain, a flash flood appeared. It had been raining heavily, on an average of 60%.  Hopefully, it will all be back normal by Monday 20th November.