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By Jack Alexander

Roblox is a very popular game, played by both children and teenagers. In fact, in Europe 14.6 million people have an account. But recently online safety has been a hot topic in the news. Roblox hasn’t really been helping stop cyber-bullying. There is a button that player can press that’s labelled `Report`, but no action is taken.

Prince Harry visited Nottingham not long ago and he was talking to people about cyber-bullying but if no one is being caught how can it be stopped. As you see below, it says `report` and this is what a player does to report someone:

This is the report section, and this is what you do: 


Once you have completed your report it says “Thanks for reporting! Our moderators will review the chat logs and evaluate what happened”. You may be foundering how do you know no action was taken. Well, once someone was reported and they were not removed from the game and no action was taken. Usually, Roblox is a safe and secure place to play but there is an exception. The games are no too violent or bloody but if the controlling of online activity was better. Roblox would be very safe for every child playing. But will anything change??

We emailed Roblox but no reply was received.