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By Jack Alexander

Theresa may, the British prime minster, has just announced that she is having a switch up of her cabinet. A cabinet is made up of the most important members of a government. In May`s cabinet there is the foreign secretary, Chancellor, Brexit secretary and so on. Most of her important members, some listed above, stayed in jobs. They were Amber Rudd (Home secretary), Boris Johnson (Foreign secretary), Phillip Hammond (Chancellor).

But why did Mrs May decide to do this? Earlier on in the week, she announced “Out with the male, pale and stale” members of her cabinet. After the re-shuffle, only six politicians were out; Sir Patrick McLoughlin, Andrew Jones, Justine Greening, James Brokenshire, Chris Skidmore and Marcus Jones. Justine Greening didn’t receive the `out` notice but in fact she received another job but she declined and resigned, after wanting to be `Education Minister`. But twenty-nine politicians either had no change or received a new job.

By saying, “Out with the male, pale and stale” Mrs May means out with the all male cabinet,  by introducing more women, and  the pale cabinet, by introducing mixed skin coloured MPs and finally a stale cabinet, by introducing more MPs with new ideas and aren’t stuck in their ways. Most of the MPs have reacted quite well with the changes, whether good or bad. Jeremy Hunt (Heath Secretary) has reacted both good and bad to this re-shuffle. Many rumours started going around and he posted this on `Twitter`:

'Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated...' Thrilled to be back in the best job in Government.

Thus, indicating that the rumours about his sacking were false and he was happy with the recent news.

So far, we have no news on our local politicians, Anna Soubry and Alex Norris, on whether they will be in, out or have a job switch around. But it is predicted that they will see no change to their jobs. They will be staying as our local MPs. But what will come out of the re-shuffle. But will the “U-turners” (as said by the Labour Party), U-turn?