BBC School ReportOur students, making the news

By Aryas Shwan

There are games that entertain with set scenarios, then there are those that have players make them.

One of which is Roblox, a free-to-play game, where players can make their own game using the engine and the coding language Roblox Lua. The coding language is beginner friendly and helps new developers into the developing scene. Roblox also has the feature of DevEx or Developer Exchange, which allows players to exchange in-game currency from micro transactions into real money, and rates vary from 100,000 Robux to $350(£245.51) to 10 million Robux to $350,000(£245,511). Robux can be used to advertise games across the website. I asked some people at Alderman White School what they think.

Noah: “It’s good because teenagers and young adults can make enough to pay for their education fees while it is also helping them develop skills.”

Jack: “It’s both good and bad because they can get lots of money from it and it’s bad because they can get harassed by people after they quit the platform to work for them.”

Another way that children can earn money by playing video games is YouTube, where they can record their gameplay and their reactions and edit them to entertain people online. They earn money through advertisements on the website.