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A Vision for The White Hills Park Federation Trust 2017

New Buildings 1

We are a truly comprehensive Federation where all students are welcomed and thrive, and all are given every opportunity to achieve to their highest potential. We are rooted in our local community, make a positive contribution to the life of our local area and work in harmony with our feeder primary schools. Staff and students in the Federation behave with integrity, honesty, openness and respect, are committed to the principle of equality, and display tolerance and acceptance towards others. We manage our Federation in an environmentally sensitive, sustainable manner.

Leadership and governance of the Federation provides clear direction, consistent with our vision and values. Leaders at all level have the highest aspirations for students, and provide staff with the support and guidance to achieve them. They have a deep understanding of strengths and areas for development, and use this to bring about improvement. They ensure that communication across the Federation is open, efficient and flows both ways. Directors know the Federation well, and use their knowledge to strike a skilful balance between challenge and support.

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