Visit China

Visit China

Greetings From China

Mrs Caley and Mr Heery are travelling to China to visit our new Chinese sister schools, and to set up a brand new relationship which over time will have the possibility of becoming a part of our life here.Bramcote College will be linking with the Ningbo Jiangshan Middle School, and Alderman White will link with The Yuyao Experimental School in Ningbo. As part of this, we hope that our students will set up penpal friendships and communicate via social media and video links, in preparation for a visit at the end of this school year from a group of Chinese students. During this visit, we will have the chance to welcome them into our school community, to show them the great schools we are, and to deepen and extend our friendship links.

Even more exciting is the fact that we hope to follow this up by taking groups of our own students on a return visit to China during the next school year. We have already established our 6th Form visit, and we expect this to continue every year. This will mean that we can give students from Alderman White, Bramcote College and Bramcote College Sixth Form the opportunity to benefit from this amazing experience. We are supporting this through many activities in school, including the teaching of Mandarin, either in lessons, or through lunchtime and after-school clubs.

Daily updates from Mr Heery and Mrs Caley are below, check back every day for more information.


Monday 16th October

Hello from China!

We arrived in Shanghai yesterday after a day and a half travelling and spent the rest of the day looking round Shanghai, an amazing city with almost 25 million inhabitants, mile after mile of high rise flats and offices and a spectacular skyline.

This morning we came to Ningbo and are now heading to meet the representatives from the Education Board in advance of our conference tomorrow. Hope all is well there.

Mr Heery

Tuesday 17th October

172171We arrived safe and well in Ningbo yesterday, the home city of our sister schools. It’s an amazing mixture of traditional and modern as you can see from some of these pictures.

This morning we attended the Ningbo-Nottingham Heads’ Forum conference, met our sister school head teachers and signed our partnership agreements in a formal ceremony.  I was very proud to do a presentation telling our hosts about our fantastic schools.  This afternoon we move on to the Ningbo University Confucius Conference, and tomorrow we will visit our schools and meet up with our 6th Formers.


The other photos courtesy of Mrs Caley show the start of Mr Heery’s speech to delegates and some photos from the conference.
Mr Heery and Mrs Caley

Wednesday 18th October

Ningbo Jiangshan High SchoolToday I had the privilege of visiting Ningbo Jiangshan High School, the school that will link with Bramcote College, while Mrs Caley was meeting Alderman White's sister school. It was an amazing day. Many things are very different there - the school has over 2000 students aged 14-17, most of whom sleep in dormitories at the school during the week. There is a sports stadium, a mini-supermarket, a full-time doctor and police sentry station on site. The 2 huge dining halls did not serve anything I recognised from our school dinners, and the main building is 9 storeys high. However, many things are similar - you would recognise the type of lessons they have, most of the subjects they do, and the students were friendly, happy and keen to learn, just like our students.
During the day, I met the Head and lots of the staff, I went into an English lesson and had the chance to talk to the students and give them our penpal letters (they were very excited), I toured round the school and saw lots of lessons, including yoga and table tennis, I spent an hour with a wonderful group of 8 students and I had an amazing school dinner.
Before I left, we arranged next steps - I can't wait to introduce our students involved to their counterparts in China.

Mr Heery

In The English Lesson Lunch Menu Main School Building Inside a School Dormitory
In The English Lesson Lunch Menu Main School Building Inside a School Dormitory
Meeting The Students School Stadium Student Dormitory Building Yoga Class
Meeting The Students School Stadium Student Dormitory Building Yoga Class


I met the headteacher, staff and students at Yuyao Experimental School today. I had a great time and have begun the very important relationship that will see some of their teachers/students working with us and our teachers/students visiting them.

The Experimental School has over 4,000 students and is a private boarding school for 7-15 year olds. One of the videos shows the morning exercise that students take part in every morning. Another of some of the students I met around the site and finally a lesson I had the privilege to observe. The boy with our School tie was awarded this for effort in the Maths lesson.
(Videos can be found in the comments of our Facebook post)

Mrs Caley

image1 image2 image3 image4

Thursday 19th October

Another amazing day! Last night Mrs Caley and I met with our 6th Form group for a celebration meal, which included the celebration of Brittany's 18th birthday - it was great to see them and hear about their impressions of China so far.
Today, we headed back to Shanghai on the high speed train, reaching speeds of 280 kilometeres an hour, and were then taken sightseeing. In the afternoon, we went up the Shanghai Tower, the 2nd highest building in the world, which gave amazing views over this incredible city. Finally, this evening we had a river cruise through Shanghai, and saw spectacular views of the city skyline illuminated with many thousands of neon lights.
Even though this part of our Chinese adventure is coming to an end, there are so many possibilities to extend this in a way that will involve many of our students in the future. Both Mrs Caley and myself are keen to share our experiences and begin to plan the next stages of our Chinese link,
Mr Heery

Mrs Caley arriving at Shanghai view from the 118th floor! Headteacher delegation and 6th form students meeting for a celebration banquet Shanghai's spectacular night skyline
Mrs Caley arriving at Shanghai View from the 118th floor! Headteacher delegation
and 6th form students
meeting for a
celebration banquet
Shanghai's spectacular night skyline