KS3 Assessment

Students build New National Curriculum skills and content over each year, with pre and post testing and final assessment key indicators of how well the students have understood a particular unit of work. The assessment informs teaching and intervention.

The new “EDSM” bands will be more evident in key stage 3 exercise books and assessment/tests as the term progresses.

The simplest way to summarise the system is through this diagram:


In addition at key stage 3, we set aspirational targets based on prior attainment. Guidance about how aspirational targets are set and the high expectations we have of all our students can be found in the grid below.  Students will work towards this target during the year. This fits in with our aim to develop a deeper understanding of the key ideas needed for successful performance in KS4. The targets are for each year and the work will get harder as students move from Year 7 to Year 9.


 The document attached below explains EDSM grades and progress in further detail.