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Post-16 Options Booklet and Support for Students in Year 11

As you will no doubt be aware, this year your son/daughter is not only working towards their vital GCSE and BTEC qualifications but are also busy planning the next steps in their career journey, as they look towards moving on to Post-16 destinations such as Sixth Form, College, or an Apprenticeship.

To support both our students and you as parents and carers with this process, we have set up a structured programme to guide you and your son/daughter through the process, including the attached guide, entitled Post-16 Options: What Next? 

This guide contains key information to help support your son/daughter in making the right decision about their Post-16 education, including the different opportunities available after Year 11, such as Sixth Form, College, Apprenticeships and Traineeships, as well as important information about student finance, entry requirements, the application process, and links to other useful websites. Alongside the booklet, we will also be offering the following support to students in Year 11 and their parents/carers this academic year:

Tutor Time (throughout the year)

Mr Young, Mr Allsopp and the Year 11 Team will all be on hand to support students with their Post-16 applications, including help with searching for
specific courses and apprenticeship opportunities, checking personal statements and producing academic and personal references. In September, all students complete a ‘tracking intentions form’ so that bespoke support and correspondence can be targeted as it becomes available.

Citizenship Lessons (throughout the Autumn Term)

All Citizenship lessons in the autumn term are focused on Careers and Post-16 routes. Students look at qualification levels and eligibility for courses as well as applications, personal statements and CV’s, interview techniques and progression routes.

Some students may also apply for apprenticeships through specialist websites, which can be found in the attached Post-16 Information Booklet. Those students seeking an apprenticeship should ensure that they also apply to college or sixth form as a back-up, as competition can be fierce.

Students can submit as many applications to different Post-16 providers as they like and will manage their offers later in the year, and hopefully accept a place at a sixth form, college, or a training provider for the following September, pending GCSE results.

The timetable below, as set out by the local Post-16 providers, for Year 11 (2020/2021)

  • Mid-January 2021 – General closing dates for applications to some sixth form and college
  • Mid-March 2021 – Students start receiving offers from sixth forms and colleges
  • March – apprenticeship workshop for those interested in this route
  • Late-March 2021 – Students accept or reject offers from sixth forms and colleges
  • March-September 2021 – Students apply for Post-16 options that they might not have been able to apply for until now, such as some apprenticeship opportunities or courses with training providers
  • 26 August 2021 – Students receive GCSE/BTEC results and confirm offers with colleges/providers
  • Early-September 2021 – Students start new courses at sixth form, college, or training provider
  • 24 September 2021 – Applications close for 2020-2021 academic year

Open Days/Evenings

An important factor for your son/daughter in making decisions about their Post-16 education will be what they think of the learning environment of sixth forms, colleges, or training providers. To support them with this, we recommend attending Open Days/Evenings that Post-16 providers put on for students and parents/carers in Year 11 during the academic year.  COVID-19 protective measures will unfortunately cause these events to operate differently, and most will likely be online events.

Open Evening timetables have already been emailed to student email accounts but are also included in the guide. If you or your son/daughter are interested in attending an Open Day/Evening that is not included on this document, please contact the Post-16 provider directly.


Please continue to let Mr Allsopp, Mr Young and Ms Welch know of applications submitted and offers received. Please also keep them informed of any changes of intentions for next year so that they can support you with relevant advice and information. Please do not hesitate to ask for help and support should you need it – you are making important decisions about your future.

If you haveany questions at all regarding any of the information above or anything related to Post-16 progression, please contact Mr Young, Mr Allsopp, Ms Welch, or Mrs Holling using the school phone number or email us at:

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