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Welcome to Alderman White School

THI feel very privileged to be the Head of this wonderful school.

Our INSPIRE values (integrity, nurture, success, perseverance, innovation, responsibility, engagement) can be seen in every aspect of our work – we are constantly striving to inspire our students, but find that they often inspire us too!

Students at our school make very good progress. This does not happen by chance, but through staff knowing every young person as an individual, and supporting and challenging them to achieve even more than they think is possible.

Alderman White is a real “community of opportunity for all”. The school has a well-deserved reputation for the quality and range of trips, visits, performances and extra-curricular opportunities available, helping our students to become well rounded, confident young adults.

We are constantly striving to make our school even better and our students and parents play a vital role in this, through our School Council, Parent Forum and Parent Teacher Association. Our school benefits from working closely with the other schools including those in the White Hills Park Federation Trust, and many of our students attend the Trust 6th Form.

We welcome visits to see us in action – please contact the school to arrange an opportunity to visit during the school day.

Mrs A Mellors

Head of School


Consultation on changes to the proposed admissions arrangements for 2020/2021

Consultation Period: Friday 14th December 2018 to Sunday 28th January 2019

For admission to Alderman White School in September 2020, we are looking to amend our current arrangements. 

In accordance with the requirements of the School Admission Code, Alderman White School must go out to consultation on this for a full six week period.

Who do we consult with?

  1. parents of children between the ages of two and eighteen;
  2. other persons in the relevant area who in the opinion of the admission authority have an interest in the proposed admissions;
  3. all other admission authorities within the relevant area (except that primary schools need not consult secondary schools);
  4. whichever of the governing body and the local authority who are not the admission authority;
  5. any adjoining neighbouring local authorities where the admission authority is the local authority; and
  6. in the case of schools designated with a religious character, the body or person representing the religion or religious denomination.

Comments are invited on this proposal.  If you wish to respond please follow this link to complete a quick questionnaire. If you are unable to complete the questionnaire or have difficulty accessing it, please contact James Macdonald on 0115 916 8900 or write to him with your views to admissions@aldermanwhite.school  or by post to the school. All comments must be received by Sunday 28th January 2019.

Please read the proposed Admissions Policy here. The only change for September 2020 is a reduction in the Planned Acceptance Number (PAN) to 145. This reflects the size of our school buildings. Our current Admission Policy can be found here.

Under the government’s school admissions code, any person or body who considers that any maintained school or Academy are unlawful, or not in compliance with the Code or relevant law relating to admissions can make an objection to the School Adjudicator in writing to:

Office of the School Adjudicator, Bishopgate House, Darlington, DL1 5CE

Tel: 01325 340402 / email OSA.TEAM@osa.gsi.gov.uk 

Following the consultation, Alderman White School will take into account any responses received before determining final admission arrangements. We will publish the final policy on this website within the prescribed timeframes contained in the School Admissions Code.



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