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Alderman White School is a member of The White Hills Park Trust.

The Trust is founded on the principle that by working together within its locality, its schools become beacons of outstanding practice and provide opportunities and benefits for our pupils and for our local community.  Alderman White benefits from working closely with the other schools in the White Hills Park Trust, and many of our students attend the Trust Sixth Form.

The Trust allows us to share expertise and provide a richer education to all of our students. Schools that are part of the White Hills Park Trust are autonomous bodies, each with their own leadership, management and distinct character. However, as members we have a shared ethos and common values and we believe that we are stronger together. The role of the Trust is to empower its schools and support them by unlocking the benefits of working together:

  • Making the most of our resources
  • Running our schools with maximum efficiency
  • Bringing about continual School Improvement
  • Developing our workforce
  • Providing opportunities for pupils
  • Becoming a force for good in our community
  • Establishing effective governance and leadership

To achieve this, The White Hills Park Trust is built on a clear vision, demonstrated in its practice:

  • A group of schools united in our mission to provide the very best opportunities for young people, with shared values, shared commitment to our locality and shared commitment to excellent outcomes
  • Successful schools with high quality teaching and learning, sharing good practice, pooling resources and participating in joint projects for the benefit of pupils
  • Consistently outstanding pastoral care and provision for all learners, including disadvantaged pupils and those with SEND
  • Commitment to high quality and generous collaboration and the development of ‘system leaders’ contributing to education across the region
  • Extensive, seamless and high-quality enrichment programmes, encompassing the arts, sport, good citizenship and all areas of the curriculum, accessed by all groups of pupils
  • A powerful international dimension, enabling our students to visit and interact with students all over the world
  • Open, transparent and ethical systems of finance, leadership and management

Find out more about The White Hills Park Trust here.