We are delighted by the outstanding results achieved by our Year 11 students in 2019:

• Student progress was significantly above national levels

• 11% of all results were grade 9 (compared to 4.5% nationally); 22% of all results were at grade 8 or 9; 31% of all results were grade 7-9 (compared to 21% nationally)

• 22% of students achieved 5 or more Grade 7-9s

• Over 50% achieved Grade 5 or higher in English and Maths, almost 70% achieved Grade 4 or higher in both, and 19% of students gained a Grade 7 or higher in both Maths and English

• 36% of students took the full Ebacc and achieved an Ebacc Average point score of 4.51 (compared to 4.03 nationally in 2018)

We will provide a more substantial analysis of the results here in the near future.