Remote Learning

Arrangements for Remote Learning at Alderman White School, Updated April 2022

The school follows the government guidance for Remote Learning published on 30th March 2022.

Scenarios where remote education can be provided

We will provide remote education to students in circumstances when in-person attendance is either not possible or contrary to government guidance.

This may include:

  • occasions when it is not possible for the site to open safely, or opening would contradict guidance from local or central government
  • occasions when individual pupils, for a limited duration, are unable to physically attend their school but are able to continue learning, for example pupils with an infectious illness

In these circumstances, students will have access to remote education as soon as reasonably practicable, though in proportion to the length of absence and disruption to their learning.

Remote education will be equivalent in length to the core teaching students receive in school and including recorded or live direct teaching time, as well as time for pupils to complete tasks and assignments independently.

When students are unwell their priority should be to rest and recover. We do not expect any student who would be too unwell to access the school site to access remote learning.

Our Remote Learning Model

Where an individual student is learning remotely, work will be provided on Google Classroom. Students in Year 10 and 11 will be invited to “listen in” to the lesson on Microsoft Teams. This may also be provided for students in Years 7-9 at the discretion of the teacher.

In the unlikely event that the school site has to be temporarily closed to all students or a specific year group or year groups, we will endeavour to provide:

  • live lessons or a live section of the lesson on Microsoft Teams (this may not be possible where a member of staff is unwell or absent)
  • resources and instructions on google classroom

Support with IT devices

Students require access to a Chromebook, laptop or pc throughout the school day to access remote learning.

All students in Year 7-9 and most students in Year 10 have a Chromebook or laptop for use in school, many of which have been purchased through our subsidised Chromebook scheme.

If your child needs to borrow a device from school, or needs support securing appropriate internet connectivity pleaes contact school and we will try to support with an appropriate solution.

Where we are unable to provide access to Google Classroom, we will provide printed resources, such as textbooks and workbooks, supplemented with other forms of communication to keep pupils on track or answer questions about work.

Monitoring engagement and progress

If groups are required to work remotely, we will record attendance at MS Teams remote lessons on our school attendance system.

Teachers will check that students are accessing and completing the work by monitoring work submitted on google classroom and through interactions with students  during a live lesson.

If students are not present or engaged with the work the teacher will first explore whether there are any difficulties such as IT or illness. Where engagement is a concern, we will work with families to identify effective solutions.

Provision for pupils with SEND

If pupils with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) are not able to be in school and require remote education teachers will identify suitable activities and work so that their needs can be met to ensure they continue to make progress. We will work collaboratively with families and put in place reasonable adjustments. Decisions on how provision can be delivered will be informed by relevant considerations including the support families will require and types of services that the pupil can access remotely.  We will continue to use our best endeavours to secure the special educational provision called for by the pupils’ special educational needs.

Delivering remote education safely

We are mindful of the importance of keeping children safe online and will follow our Trust policy while delivering live lessons. We will also ensure that parents receive appropriate information and guidance about how to keep their children safe online, especially during periods of remote learning.

Oversight of remote learning

Oversight of remote learning is shared by Mr Young, Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for Achievement, and Mrs Rockley, Deputy Headteacher with responsibility for Teaching and Learning.