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Microsoft Teams is our preferred platform for accessing live lessons with your teachers.  It is free, already linked to your school email and Microsoft account,  and compatible with a wide range of digital devices.

Teams has a lot of great features for learning online, including: 

Track, complete, and turn in class assignments.

Show your screen or a presentation in chat and meetings.

Immersive reader
Easily read conversations and chats in a more personalized format, all in Microsoft Teams.

Collaborate in Microsoft Teams using a freeform, infinite digital canvas.

Raise your hand
Make your voice heard without disrupting fellow students.

Together mode
See the whole class in a new way for discussions and presentations.

Custom backgrounds
Blur your meeting background, pick an image, or upload your own.

ASL visibility features, and dozens of language options for chat translation.

Access from home via computer or mobile device

Microsoft Teams can be accessed from any internet browser, or can be downloaded as an ‘app’ to any mobile device completely for free for students.

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 Access Microsoft Teams Here  Download the App

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