The aim of our history curriculum is to….

  • develop historians who are able to use their knowledge of history to explain the world they live in today.
  • foster a love of the past that encourages students to have enquiring and open minds which are able to analyse the past to create reasoned conclusions.

By the end of Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9) students should:

  • Know how power of the monarchy and government in Britain have changed over time
  • Know the causes, events and results of a range of conflicts from 1066 to the War on Terror
  • Know how different societies and the experiences of their people have developed over time
  • Be able to evaluate historical sources and interpretations to create a picture of the past
  • Be prepared to think critically about the past.

By the end of Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11) students who take History as a specialism should:

  • Know about the main developments in medicine from 1250 to the present, the reasons for and results of the Norman Conquest, the settlement of the American West and the reasons for the rise of Hitler and Life in Nazi Germany.
  • Be able to engage in historical enquiry to develop as independent learners and as critical and reflective thinkers
  • Be able to develop an awareness of why people, events and developments have been accorded historical significance and how and why different interpretations have been constructed about them
  • Be prepared to organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in different ways and reach substantiated conclusions

The course that we deliver is Edexcel, GCSE History, 1HI0

Please see our curriculum plans below: