Performing Arts: Music and Drama

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Performing Arts at Alderman White aims to develop an appreciation and understanding of Music and Drama both as audience and performer. Throughout Key Stage 3 students have the opportunity to study the work of a range of artists and genres; exploring the context of the Music/Drama as well as the specific skills related to it. There is a strong emphasis on developing transferable skills such as team work, communication and confidence as well as an awareness of the importance of the Arts in society. Assessment takes place through a range of practical and theoretical tasks and is broken into three strands: Creating, Performing and Evaluating. Alongside the core curriculum we aim to offer a broad extra-curricular programme including instrumental tuition, productions, a range of musical ensembles and choirs as well as opportunities to attend performances and work with professional artists that we believe provide an opportunity for all to explore and appreciate the Performing Arts to their fullest.

By the end of Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9) students should:

  • Know how to perform and recognize work from a range of genres and their historical an social contexts
  • Know how to reflect on their own work critically and offer feedback to others in a constructive manner using subject specific vocabulary
  • Be able to perform in front of others with confidence and a good degree of accuracy relating to the specific genre
  • Be able to explore their creative ideas and justify their decisions in an analytical and detailed manner
  • Be prepared to work collaboratively with others to create performance

By the end of Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11) students who take (subject) as a specialism should:

  • Know how to create/compose work of a sophisticated standard using professional approaches
  • Know how to confidently and articulately identify and apply the theories of key practitioners to their own work
  • Be able to perform in front of an audience utilizing technical aspects of performance
  • Be able to critically analyse the work of others, including professional productions, using subject specific vocabulary
  • Be prepared to further their studies within the Arts as well as understand the job opportunities available within this sector, both performance and technical/administrative.

The courses that we currently deliver are:

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