School Uniform & Equipment

We believe it is important that all our students should be of a smart appearance and appropriately dressed for school. Our uniform policy is intended to be simple and economical for parents and is designed to give a clear image for the school.

Our school uniform is:

  • Alderman White (WHP Trust) School blazer.
  • Alderman White school tie.
  • Black Alderman White school jumper or cardigan with school logo to be worn underneath blazers.(Optional).
  • Plain, black school trousers (trousers must be tailored but not skinny fit or cropped), or a knee length skirt (no tube skirts).
  • Plain, white shirt which buttons up to the collar. (Long or Short sleeved).
  • Plain, black, sensible (low heeled) shoes. No trainers are to be worn on site, except in PE lessons.
  • Headscarves must be in line with school colours.
  • Plain black or white ankle or knee-high socks (no trainer socks), or plain black tights with a skirt
  • Coats should be suitably dark coloured (eg black, navy) and waterproof. No large logos.
  • A suitable bag large enough to carry books and equipment for the day.

Please note the following:

  • No Hoodies or sports tops are allowed.
  • No caps or hats of any kind can be worn in the school building. 
  • Plain black belts can be worn but no fashion belts.
  • No extremes of dress e.g. extreme hair styles, overly tight shirts or skirts, or short skirts.
  • No make-up and only clear nail varnish may be worn.
  • No jewellery except for one small plain gold ear-stud or small sleeper in each ear lobe and a watch. No nose studs or facial piercings.

 Our PE Kit is:

Compulsory Items

  • Short sleeve training T-shirt
  • ¼ zip micro fleece
  • Shorts & football socks or tracksuit bottoms or Leggings
  • Trainers

Recommended Additional Items:

  • Gum shield
  • Shin pads
  • Football Boots


Our uniform and PE kit suppliers are Morley’s, Bramcote Avenue, Chilwell, NG9 4DR
or online through Big Fish School Wear at 
Username: Alderman | Password: AW123

If you wish to wear items of non-uniform due to any religious or cultural background please contact the school.

Property and Personal Equipment

Students must bring to school every day:

  • a pencil case containing several pens (blue/black and green), pencils, a sharpener, rubber and ruler,
  • their exercise books
  • their student planner, which they will be given at the start of term.
  • a reading book

They will also need to bring their P.E. kit and other items specific to particular lessons on the days that they have the lesson. We recommend that they have a sensible school bag which is large enough to contain the above equipment and any exercise and/or text books that are required for homework. We would also encourage students to bring a reusable drink bottle containing water or a squash or juice based drink. Bottles can be refilled at the water fountains at school.

All students must be responsible for their belongings and ensure that basic equipment is brought to every lesson. Lockers will be available to students who require them.

We would encourage parents to pay for lunches on sQuid. If you would prefer to pay in cash, please avoid sending large sums of money into school unless for a specific reason, paying for a trip, although this can be avoided by using the ParentPay system. Any money that is brought in should be stored securely about the person and not left unattended in bags or coat pockets.

The school cannot be responsible for personal equipment, although naturally, we try hard to create a safe environment. Students should not bring in valuables, for example, mobile phones, iPods, iPads, or electric games into school. We cannot be held responsible for any of these items in the event of loss or breakage.

It is very sensible if all possessions are clearly marked with the owner’s name. This makes the task of searching for lost property much easier, particularly with P.E. kit.